Fish Farming

The best of quality groomed cat fish from various species grown naturally.

Groundnut/ Soya Bean-Oil Mill

We have the capacity to generate a 30 ton per day groundnut oil production and soya bean oil


We have a rich breed of Animal Livestock ranging from cattle, goats. ostriches, etc.

Maize Flour Mill

We have a designed and installed maize flour mill with a 17 ton per day production capacity.


  • Groundnut/ Soya Bean Oil Mill

    Wellman farms is well equipped with a dedicated groundnut oil and soya bean oil mill with the capacity…

  • Fish Feed Mill

    As a result of our increase in fish farming, with a great number of various species of catfish,…

  • Hatchery

    All our fishes are groomed at the farm. The fingerlings are harvested and grown in the farm, where…

  • Fish Farming

    Wellman farms has over 35 existing ponds, naturally created and designed to give the fishes a natural home…

  • Animal Husbandry

    Wellman farms has a range of livestock ranging from cattle, goats, ducks, geese, chickens, turkeys to ostriches. A…

  • Maize Flour Mill

    The farm has installed a dedicated maize flour mill which is compounded with groundnut cake to serve our…